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So the truth is that trying to survive in our world as a woman is hard enough at times but toss in some Christianity and you got yourself quite a challenge. My name is Miranda and welcome to my blog. I recently married the love of my life and went from the single life to the newly married adventure. I'm sure my upcoming writings will dive into this new and exciting stage of my life. Sometimes life is quite funny, sometimes it's downright entertaining, and sometimes it can get a little bit more serious. I love God and want to live a life that pleases him but that sometimes is easier said than done. :) So join me as I walk through the trials, struggles and joys of life when the only thing that works is a little chocolate and a lot of faith.

Monday, May 31, 2010


So in the past few days I seem to have done a few things for the first time (thank goodness taking a shower was not on that list - been there, done that!!!) :) Haha!
Of course I know that you would desperately want to know what these things were so who am I to deny you that joy?

Let's see, a couple weeks ago I went to a drive-in movie for the very first time (don't laugh), that turned out to be a fun time. The movies I saw were great How to Train your Dragon and Ironman II. I recommend them both. Things got a little hairy though when I needed to go to the ladies' room during intermission and unfortunately one other time (note to self-no liquids at drive in). Let's just say I think the smell that emanated from in there singed some of my nose hairs off. Plus how about they had one of those fabric roll towels where if you pull the lever the next section is supposed to be clean? Apparently these people were into recycling. Glad I have a supply of hand sanitizer in my car. But here's the interesting part, the first time through, one of the other stalls was occupied by someone with pinkish sneakers and then about an hour later I return and that same stall was occupied by the same pinkish sneakers. I'm hoping that the person didn't die from asphyxiation.

Next on the first list was my four-wheeling adventure. Never before have I been on one of those machines and was very leery when my friend offered to take me for a ride. I was holding on for dear life I can tell you. We went over hills and ponds and rode through a group of horses. Freaked me out a little when some of them started galloping alongside the four wheeler. Then just when I thought I could get used to this a very steep hill came into the picture as we rode along the side of it. I thought the thing would flip over and we would roll down the hill. Yikes! But then I had to go open a gate to get through and snagged my arm on some barbed wire. Ouch! Go figure it was rusted barbed wire. So there I am wondering when I had my last tetanus shot and thinking I suddenly didn't feel too good and my friend offered to let me drive. Distracted from my grave injury momentarily I realized I was having fun!

Next I was helping out my friend by watering her plants when she got the brilliant (I use that term very loosely) idea to let me color her hair so it would set while she was doing yard work. Now I have to say I had no prior knowledge of hair color. Actually I had never even seen what comes in the box. Secondly I am a person who reads the instruction booklet for anything from cover to cover. Now I was being asked to color someone's hair. In the back of my mind I thought I could hear 'danger, danger'. Needless to say I started applying this color which at first was a clear liquid so I didn't think much of getting a little (and I use that term very loosely) on her face. That was until it started turning very black. She wanted to know if there was any on her face. Really? Not wanting to lie, I said there was a little here and there. Well working in the yard, her head and face began to get real hot real fast so she rushes to the bathroom. I don't understand why she was very upset that half her face matched her hair. So I said well at least your hair looks good. Then I suggested scrubbing it off with lemon juice and salt. Kids do not believe everything you see on TV. Well let's say she survived, she still has all her skin and well her hair turned out great :}

Like I said, lots of firsts. The one I remember most though was having coffee with a friend and catching up. I sometimes think that being single is just tough in a world of couples. I think no one else unless you are in the same position can quite understand and granted I want to marry the man God has for me but sometimes the wait is so long and so frustrating. Well I was having coffee (not a first time event to clarify) my friend started sharing about her desire to have kids and how hard it is sometimes to be around other young couples because they have kids and they don't seem to share her interests etc. Well as we continued talking and I suddenly had a fresh perspective for the first time in a long time. Doesn't matter at what stage in life we are at, we will have things to deal with, cries of our hearts, longings waiting to be filled, prayers that we want answers for but the secret is what Paul found, in all situations to be content. Our hearts at times want to dwell on things that we don't have but being content with where God has us at the moment, that's the key, knowing that He is in control, He's never late, His ways are perfect and His faithfulness endures forever. Now that is the type of revelation that when you first get it...hang on to it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preventative Medicine

A couple weeks ago, I went in for a routine (way over due) cleaning. While there I had some x-rays done. Normally there is not a problem but this time my dentist himself comes in and sits down and began talking in his serious voice. Apparently the x-rays revealed the forming of 2 cavities (too much coffee?). Anyways he believes in preventative medicine and so scheduled 2 more visits to get them taken care off early before they become a problem.

I had my first follow up visit earlier this week and aside from the fact that I nearly starved to death since I couldn't eat until the numbness wore off, (try 3 o'clock in the afternoon!!!), it turned out to be okay. Although I vow to never go to get a cavity filled on an empty stomach again. However in the last couple days I've had aches creeping back in so I am anxious to go back and get the other one taken care off so that hopefully I will be pain free.

In thinking it over I realized that my dentist was onto something much bigger. He saw a problem developing and immediately wanted to get it taken care off. He didn't suggest we wait for a few months to see if it gets better first.

I thought about that and how much it said about our spiritual lives. I mean let's face it, as long as we live on this earth we will have trials, tribulations and temptations. The enemy constantly throws things at us to test our resilience. But do we practice 'preventative medicine'? When we see an area of concern in our walk with Christ, do we address the problem now or do we wait till it festers? See there are things in our lives that can creep in. Perhaps it's being so busy that you aren't spending enough time in His Word or His presence, then before you know it you begin to compromise and make excuses. The truth is if we can recognize when we are slipping up and address the problem before it is out of control we will probably spend more of our lives pleasing God and changing lives than wasting it on regrets and what ifs.

So practicing preventative medicine in our Christian walks, definitely a good idea...just saying :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jars of Clay

I'm sure that you have heard of Susan Boyle. The country bumpkin turned superstar after being on Britain's Got Talent. Well every single time I see her story I cry. (I am sorry to say that I have seen it many times and I still cry)' There is something that causes us all to be excited when the underdog rises up. It says that life is about second chances. It says that everyone has something to offer no matter what they look like or sound like or where they are from. It is truly inspiring.

On Wednesday I get the opportunity to speak to the teenagers and I plan on showing them the Susan Boyle video and talking about how the inside matters. The Word talks about us being mere jars of clay but the treasure on the inside of us is so incredible it makes us stop in our tracks. I mean I get overwhelmed with the fact that the Creator of the Universe sees it fit to reside in my heart. Me. Dust. Nothing much. Yet here I am with the answer that the world is searching for, right inside of me.

I'd say that was something pretty special. But how am I handling this awesome treasure? This gift of salvation that God has given to me to be shared with others. Some days seem better than others. Some days I leap out of bed ready to tell everyone I meet about Jesus but then I let the troubles of the day seep in and sometimes I get so caught up in my own life situation that I miss the amazing opportunities that come my way.

I have come to the conclusion all over again that I can't be so concerned about the outward things when God looks at the heart. Sometimes I just get so busy with life that I forget to live. I was made to worship. As long as I am here I am compelled to share the treasure inside me with others. Susan Boyle spent her whole life in a shell, until she decided to lay it all down and it was her moment. I want to experience that more. To wake up each day and lay it all down before God and let Him have His moment in and through me. Don't you? How awesome that would be. Here's the link to see Susan's first performance. My friend has already threatened to hurt me if I cry again on Wednesday night when I show it to the teens. Hey, I can't help it. I see myself and every person who has ever dreamed of doing something greater in her.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Basket of Death

Let's be honest for a minute, we all have some place where we put things that we are quite certain that we cannot live without and vow to ourselves that surely we will put it where it needs to go because it has done nothing to deserve just simply being thrown away, gotten rid off, abandoned in a land fill somewhere...Well, I have such a place. My place has steadily been growing over the last couple years (that's how long I have made promises to myself to sort through and put everything in its' place). It is a black, plastic basket that most average people would use for laundry (I certainly never claimed to be average). I began referring to it as the basket of death, because it seemed like that's where things in my room went to die, never to be seen or heard off again. Sad!:(

Well I made a vow to conquer this basket (around the beginning of March) and I finally had enough of the procrastination. Tonight was the night. So just for fun I decided to write down the things in my basket. Now I want you to brace yourself as you quickly skim this list and bear in mind that this basket was 16"x20"x12". Not crazy big at all but here is what I found buried in there. (Bear in mind that some of these items are in lump sums, you may want to not read this to small children or fearful adults).

plastic storage unit with compartments
clear zipper pouch from a suitcase
giant binder to organize recipes (brilliant idea)
CBD catalogue
maurice's catalogue
blue make up bag
some kind of PC drive
flat iron storage bag
recipes for binder
envelopes from friends and family to write down addresses
cracker barrel road map
plastic container #2
plastic container #3 with sewing supplies
gel eye mask (I could definitely use this)
copy of 2009 Christmas letter
used empty zip lock bag
basket bag
greeting cards to and from people
map of Olean (because it is so big)
I have a dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr
Various CDs, DVDs and cases
Betty and Veronica comic book
file of things to file
more recipes
things to shred
plastic bag
computer connections Catalogue for Sight and Sound
copy of Christmas letter 2007
Quote from Henry David Thoreau
2010 pocket calendar
pictures (who are these people?)
white marker
gospel tracks
victory Bible reading plan
teaching on cassette on purity
white house brochure
page with daily devotionals from Word for today
deposit slips for Mickey Parks Benefit Fund
Recipe cards (blank)
floppy discs
never filled prescription
bag from drugstore
plastic air pump for exercise ball
magnetic note pad
FSB wall calendar featuring one of my photographs
receipts, receipts, receipts
'The Shack' on CD
car freshener
sticky paper to protect phone
Heritage Aflame address list
glue sticks for hot glue gun (so that's where they were)
4 years worth of rent receipts
Heritage Aflame annual statement
FSB folder
Victoria Secret gift bag (pretty)
FSB annual report for 2008
more recipes
binder with file paper
lots of things to shred
picture CDs
long white feathers
hanging file (too short for new filing cabinet-which I have had for about 5 years)
liberty university curriculum
stationary holder
ripped out pics of wedding dresses and rings (wishful thinking and what magazine did I destroy?)
paycheck stub
dean's list certificate (congratulations to me)
copies of various dramas
verizon starter disc
copy of Bill Cosby flyer from Chautauqua Inst (boy was he funny!)
counter checks
string cheese wrapper (I don't think I've bought that brand in a while)
foot rolly massage thingy
pieces of quilt I started oh 50 years ago
scrap paper

Not kidding! Lol!

But here is the really sad part. Now that I have gone through the basket of death, you would think that I'd be feeling pretty good right? wrong! you are so wrong! Because you see friends everything that was in the basket is now presently living on my bedroom floor in various frightening partially sorted piles. To make matters worse I already re-filled basket with travel bags and such. Now what??? Does anyone have a maid I could borrow or a fire pit? :)


Miranda Tom