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So the truth is that trying to survive in our world as a woman is hard enough at times but toss in some Christianity and you got yourself quite a challenge. My name is Miranda and welcome to my blog. I recently married the love of my life and went from the single life to the newly married adventure. I'm sure my upcoming writings will dive into this new and exciting stage of my life. Sometimes life is quite funny, sometimes it's downright entertaining, and sometimes it can get a little bit more serious. I love God and want to live a life that pleases him but that sometimes is easier said than done. :) So join me as I walk through the trials, struggles and joys of life when the only thing that works is a little chocolate and a lot of faith.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things?

It is interesting to me how a person's perspective can change based on their circumstances. Follow me for a minute and you'll see what I mean. For instance when American Idol first came out I thought it was just another silly reality show until I sat in on an episode with the rest of my family and just enjoyed the time we spent together. Since then AI has been a family tradition to watch together, we never miss it. Then last summer I met this cute guy who was into SciFi, something I never really cared for I must admit, but for some reason I found myself happily listening to the soundtrack of Battlestar Galactica...don't ask!
But here's the real kicker, I grew up on an island where cats are not the favorite creatures by a long shot. Already having a birthright of hating them I made the mistake of reading Stephen King's Pet Cemetery (pre-Christian days) and whatever dislike I had of felines was only deepened. For all you cat-lovers I must apologize but I couldn't stand to be around the critters. Then I met Baby. Yep. I first met Baby while visiting my best friend about a year ago (it's her cat, so I blame her!)I was deathly afraid of the cat as she lurked around making meowing sounds and staring at me. Then last summer she brushed up against me and I ventured to pet her. Interestingly she didn't feel slimy like I thought surely all creatures of the deep such as cats must feel. She was actually soft and fat and warm. Hmmm! Well these encounters with the cat progressed until last night when she decided that hopping up onto the couch with me was ok so she did. So I found myself in a place I never thought I would ever be, hanging out with a cat beside me and get this, not even minding it. Yikes!
So, of course there is a lesson here right? Something that God is trying to show me? Perhaps it wasn't American Idol, SciFi or Baby that were the real focuses here but maybe the fact that they were all things that people I care deeply about loved and eventually I grew to like (let's not get too carried away with the love bit just yet...there is still a cat involved) :o) For what it's worth, I think I better understand why God would care about the things that we care about, why He would be interested in our lives and want to be a part of all of it, our interests, our loves, our hobbies, our ups and our downs, our triumphs and our failures...simply because He loves us. I could definitely live with that.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Party in the USA

See the trouble with going to an all girls' High School (although the greatest school ever), is that (brace yourself), there are only girls there. Now hear me out, I was not exposed to the mysterious ways of teenage boys much growing up. Aside from brothers, cousins, neighborhood friends, the boy scouts, my hiking club and the occasional stalking of the cute guys from the all boys' school next door, can't say I have had tons of interaction with this sect and well whereas most people wouldn't be shocked by some of the antics of these up and coming men I found myself completely in discovery mode as I drove 4 teen boys home from youth group a couple nights ago.
I have to admit I was a little nervous, 4 very boisterous young men were first of all in my precious Al (please, you know you name your cars too or at least plan on doing it now cause it's totally the right thing to do). So we are driving along and these guys are talking video games, war games in the back yard, destroying skateboards, other kids getting punched etc. Okay so the violence in this conversation was making me a little uncomfortable. I decided to question them a little to make sure they weren't packing heat (Hey, I watch cop shows, I know the lingo). So I thought "Ok boys will be boys, they are rough and tough men folk." Right?
Then suddenly switching from war games and blowing things up one of the boys started talking about a song he had downloaded and was so excited about. Now I'm a little apprehensive as to what these kids listen to these days but as he turned on his IPod, the strains of the popular Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA" began to play and lo and behold these 4 macho, gangsta' wannabe sort of guys suddenly have cell phone lights in hand, waving their hands and singing to this song! All of them! Together! I couldn't believe it! This is what teenage boys do? Play war games and sing the latest pop songs? Lol! Well I was definitely no longer nervous because I was now laughing so hard I could barely catch my breath.
During the first 12 minutes of that ride I was convinced that I was never going to have kids...ever! but then in those last few moments I was reminded of the truth that men often look and judge by outward appearances but God looks at the heart. These kids may be rough around the edges but they love youth group and hearing about God and no doubt God will continue to work in them. I think the Lord was reminding me that it's a good idea to look beyond the surface, people have more than one layer. They may just surprise you! Oh and just for the record I think I might still want kids...some day. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tick Tock

I was sitting in a coffee shop catching up with a friend from High School last night. It was cold out but the atmosphere in the shop was warm and we were having so much fun. She brought her husband and two lovely boys with her whom I had never met, I brought one of my best friends and we got some great food and coffee and were all loving life. Now here's the thing, her husband acts like he has known me all my life and all that really means is that the sarcastic, cynical and deeply scathing remarks flow freely from him. Haha! Naturally as a single woman, all conversations with friends, family and random strangers lead to one place...men!
So my friend-in-law wasted no time in grilling me about my prospects, he had some advice for me (since being single naturally meant I needed help). He suggested that perhaps I should pick up a sport, (I could drop it once I have secured a man), maybe do some traveling, (try to stay away from farming communities or something like that), take a cruise (oh wait he said too much of the 'senior' population utilize cruises so scratch that), and how I needed to get out of the small town, make a move etc. etc. Then after feeling slightly slammed he said in all seriousness that God makes a way and His timing is perfect, He'll bring the right guy etc. etc. Sounds good right? Uplifting? Encouraging? You would think so until he said "but Miranda" and wagging his finger like a metronome, he continued "Tick...tock!" Wow!!! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Got chocolate?

Now I'm not sure why chocolate has become a universal symbol of wonderful but it's one of the few food groups (yes I said food groups), that brings such joy and comfort to a person's very soul. I mean if I'm happy, I can use it to celebrate, if I'm sad, it makes me feel glad, if I'm worried it helps ease my mind, if I feel miserable it brings me comfort, if I'm sick it makes me feel better and if I'm angry it takes away my frustrations. For this reason I am therefore thoroughly convinced that chocolate will be in heaven for all the good it does. So you can understand how a girl such as myself might feel slightly threatened when she sees her chocolate slowly disappearing before her very eyes. That is what happened last night, as I was working on the computer my brother whom I love dearly wandered in to visit me and proceeded to 'borrow' from my box of chocolates until low and behold there was one left and it had a bite in it. Well you know the average person would have been upset and just let him finish it off, but I sure never claimed to be average so I stuffed that half eaten piece of chocolate in my mouth as fast as I could for fear of him getting to it. Now I'd like to say there was a great spiritual lesson to be learned like perhaps 'guard your chocolate for it is the wellspring of life'...nope that's your heart...sheesh! I guess just guard your chocolate...period! Well maybe no great lesson, but my bro and I did have fun chilling for a bit so I suppose that chocolate lived up to its reputation...it is wonderful! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Muscle Relaxers

Anyone ever used a muscle relaxer? They tend to do interesting things mainly making you relax so much so that you find yourself slipping into a sound restful sleep not too long after using it. The tensions you had suddenly slip away. I recently got a prescription for a muscle relaxer to help with some neck issues. The first question the doctor asked was whether I have been under a lot of stress, then he asked if I have had some injury. Interesting that the stress question came first. I mean why would I be stressed? With a full time job, school, recent and temporary health issues, church activities, family, friends, social activities and the looming prospect of my biological clock ticking away with no current prospects of slowing it down, I mean being stressed out is a ridiculous thought. Right? Right? Hmmm...Then I stop and hear these words "Be still and know that I am God" and these "Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." I have to sometimes force myself to do this, but when I do it has the similar effect of a muscle relaxer. My whole being tends to slow down and a peace fills me and suddenly my issues seem small when I realize Who is taking care of them. So all I can say is when those moments come that overwhelm, be still...try the ultimate Relaxer.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So the truth is that trying to survive in our world as a single woman is hard enough but toss in some Christianity and you got yourself quite a challenge. My name is Miranda and welcome to my blog. Life happens and sometimes it's quite funny like falling out of bed when you realize you've overslept and you will be late for work. Sometimes it's downright entertaining like today when I put on a face mask and ripped out a chunk of my eyebrows with it when I peeled it off. Then again sometimes it can get a little bit more serious like wondering if God has gotten busy with world peace and forgotten about the fact that you feel like you are drowning and need a lifeline. I love God and want to live a life that pleases him but that is easier said that done most days :) So join me as I walk through the trials, struggles and joys of life when the only thing that works is a little chocolate and a lot of faith.


Miranda Tom