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So the truth is that trying to survive in our world as a woman is hard enough at times but toss in some Christianity and you got yourself quite a challenge. My name is Miranda and welcome to my blog. I recently married the love of my life and went from the single life to the newly married adventure. I'm sure my upcoming writings will dive into this new and exciting stage of my life. Sometimes life is quite funny, sometimes it's downright entertaining, and sometimes it can get a little bit more serious. I love God and want to live a life that pleases him but that sometimes is easier said than done. :) So join me as I walk through the trials, struggles and joys of life when the only thing that works is a little chocolate and a lot of faith.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catching Up

Hello wonderful friends. Obviously it has been way too long. I admit I took a break from writing my blog as I tried to wrap my head around the newly married life. It has proven to be quite the adventure by the way. More than I could have ever imagined. So now that we recently celebrated our 6 month anniversary (I know right, can you believe it?) I figured it is about time to get back into telling about this amazing journey that God has us on. It's 'us' now...I love that! Can I just say it is so exciting to be married to the man that God hand picked for you. Quite frankly there was no one else on this planet who would have so willingly embraced my 'princess' heritage and actually love every second of it. I mean every day I'm still amazed that Joseph is my husband. Ooooooh there's so much to talk about. And since I am recovering from surgery and the removal of Frank the fibroid and all his cronies, I can totally catch you all up on some of our marriage adventure...well with bathroom breaks of course :)

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